MPILONHLE Complementary Programme

Building on the foundation of our core services, we have developed complementary programmes. These address more of the elements that make a life good and healthy, such as nutrition, exercise, education, and peer relationships. Many of these programmes have been developed in partnership with for profit and other not-for-profit organizations, and government departments. They are possible because of the unparalleled access to large numbers of young people that comes from the mobile units.

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TOMs Shoe Distribution

Mpilonhle is a Giving Partner of TOMS One for One programme. Mpilonhle distributes new TOMS shoes throughout the year to all learners in the uMkhanyakude district. Each learner receives a new pair of shoes every six months. TOMS also provides Mpilonhle with TOMS sport shoes for the sports leagues.


Sports & Recreation

Mpilonhle is using sport to aid in the physical development of the region’s adolescent. Mpilonhle has built sports fields in four schools to encourage sport and physical exercise as part of everyday school life, and to rejuvenate school sports leagues. The fields are also accessible to the community when schools are closed. Fees for out of school sports events help for maintaining the sports facilities. Mpilonhle is still working in these schools by supplying funds to support local labor in maintaining these facilities.


Water & Hygiene

The schools we work at lack a regular supply of water. While building the sports fields we drilled wells in four schools to maintain the field and gardens and to supply a community laundry in the school itself. We also built environmentally friendly toilets that use minimum water called “enviro-loos” Mpilonhle still continues to work in these schools by supplying funds to support local labor in maintaining these facilities.


Food Security Programme

Since 2011, Mpilonhle has built gardens in ten schools, not only to provide food for orphans and other disadvantaged children, but also to educate families about gardening, in line with the government’s One Home, One Garden initiative. Mpilonhle also has a food garden established on its premises that it uses to supply healthy food for the children visiting the support group camps described below.


Beading & Sewing Project

This is the newest Mpilonhle project, having been established in January of 2015 through the collaboration with Anna Heylen, a Belgian Fashion designer. Through this project, a group of local women and mothers, is working on income-generating project, supported by Mpilonhle and Anna Heylen, to create high-value goods that can be sold in the local and international markets. Children participating in the HIV support groups would also receive skills training in art projects and other creative outlets. This would expose these children to the process of creative thinking, innovation and design and to provide them with skills that can be useful for their future development.

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