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Our Mission, Vision and Principles

Mpilonhle’s mission is to improve the health and social development of persons of youth with a focus on HIV prevention.

Mpilonhle is specifically committed to promoting the development of youth through innovative health and education programs that prevent HIV, and promote general health and well being. To accomplish our mission, we make use of mobile health units to provide health education, awareness programmes,and treatment- and follow-up services.

Mpilonhle has used its acceptance whithin the communities, to broaden its range of activities. These include providing computer-based math and science education, and environmental education programmes in schools; establishing community gardens, water provision, ablution facilities, and sports fields in schools; and since 2009 partnered with TOMS to distribute tow pairs of new shoes per year, to 250,000 youth in the Umkhanyakude district.

Mpilonhle has as its vision a society in which good health and absence of HIV infection is the norm, and a basis for all to achieve their full human potential.

* A healthy life is the foundation stone of a good life.
* Prevention of HIV is vital for this community.
* Adolescents can assume responsibility for their own future given the right skills and      information.
* Innovative strategies are needed to serve rural populations effectively. 

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