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Integrated School Health Programme

Health Screening

Through this service, health counselors screen and test adolescents for HIV as well as other STIs and highly contagious diseases such as tuberculosis.


A primary health care nurse follows up on all the students pre-screened by the counselors. Besides evaluating the health results, the nurse handles any immediate treatment including confirmation of status of any student who tests positive for HIV on the initial screening test and determines whether antiretroviral therapy is required. Where further support is needed, the nurse makes referrals to the Department of Health services. One nurse can support the workload of 8 health counselors which makes the program very efficient and cost-effective.


Health Counselors provide the students with the basic facts about diseases such as HIV, TB, and STIs, from how they are contracted and spread to the use of anti-retroviral therapy. General health issues including nutrition, lifestyle, and family planning are also addressed to give each adolescent the necessary information to improve his or her own well being.


Psychologists and social workers play a key role in the Mpilonhle mobile team. They are available to guide young people through the screening process. They support students affected by domestic violence, drug abuse, pregnancy, or other problems common to adolescents.

Peer Counseling Support

Mpilonhle provides training to both teachers and students to create a school-based team to support at-risk adolescents, particularly pregnant students and those who are victims of violence or abuse. The teachers are available as on-site resources providing continuous care throughout the school year. They are trained by Mpilonhle in counseling and adolescent health issues and have direct phone access to our professionals.

Over the years, we have also added several additional services that we offer through our mobile health programme. These include:

Since 2007

Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC)

Mpilonhle uses its mobile health programme as an opportunity to educate and mobilize beneficiaries to opt for VMMC as a preventive measure against HIV and other STIs. We provide linkages to care and partner with organizations and clinics that provide VMMC services.    

Since 2009

Eye Clinics

Mpilonhle facilitates eye clinics for schools and the community through a partnership with One Sight Philanthropy. Optometrists and technicians provide free prescription glasses on site and expedite cases of cataracts or other eye problems through the DOH. To date more than 18,000 people have had vision screening and more than 5,000 have received prescription glasses.

Since 2013

Support Group Camps

Through our field work, we had seen that many children with HIV, including the older ones, have not been told by their caregivers that they are HIV positive. Since February 2014, Mpilonhle currently provides integrated health, social, and psychological counseling and support services to these children through support group day camps held on Mpilonhle’s premises.


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