USAID Tuberculosis South Africa Project

This USAID project identifies and supports over 1400 patients per year infected with Tuberculosis "TB" and Drug Resistant Tuberculosis "DR TB")  in the uMkhanyakude District in Northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Capacitating Health Care Workers

Over seventy four Health Care Workers receive regular training on TB management.

Continuous care and support for TB and DR TB patients and their families

In collaboration with DOH, the Health Care workers conduct home visits to ensure that patients comply to their treatments and management of the desease such as regular sputum tests. All TB patients are tested for HIV. Mpilonhle supports an average of 1000 TB patients, and 300 DR TB patients per year. 

Contact Tracing and Management 

All family members and community members who are in close contact with TB patients - especially Drug Resistenant (DR) TB - are regulary screened for the disease. TB suspects are referred to the local clinics for further testing and care with follow-up services of the Mpilonhle Health Care Worker.  

Collaboration with Department of Health

This project works with very close collaboration with the Department of Health. Awareness Campaings and Community Dialogues on TB and HIV are jointly conducted on a regular basis with the community. 

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